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    The Time Travel Team is an animated television series that follows the adventures of spunky, Australian archeologist Jillian Spencer, and her Egyptian colleague Mezeradine Bakri as they travel the world excavating ancient sites. As they do they are magically transported back to the time when these sites were not so ancient. In the process they are able to view what those times were really like while also faced with the task of getting back to the present in one piece.

    The pilot episode is "The Fields of Yaru." Within the dark labyrinth of an archaeological dig in the Egyptian desert our heroes pry up the cover of an ancient sarcophagus. Within, they discover one of the artifacts is a papyrus roll that reads like a curse. It directs them to a panel of hieroglyphics that guides them on their adventure back in time to witnesse the complex rituals conducted by the gods in the Egyptian afterlife. Spellbound by the experience, Jill is suddenly caught by Egyptian guards. "The Fields of Yaru" eBook is now available in the iTunes Bookstore.

    Will Jill be able find a portal back to the present and continue her adventures around the globe?

WATCH The Fields of Yaru - Pilot Episode

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